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Executive Search

It is essential to fill key positions with ideal candidates. Having the right people in the right position has a positive impact on corporate culture, efficiency, results, and ultimately also on company success. This is why business development is closely tied to people development.

Our extensive experience in IT and telecommunications, coupled with our broad network within the sector, allow us to find the ideal candidate for your key positions. We are experienced in executive search and know your needs as well as the challenges that people development presents.

We find the ideal candidate for your company. In cooperation with you, we define a targeted strategy and advise you in the assessment process. In this process, we focus on competencies as well as attitudes and team spirit.

Our consulting goes beyond the search itself. We also guide you after the placement in the interest of both, your company and the candidate. This is how we ensure lasting solutions and satisfaction among all the involved parties.

Professional interim management

Interim Management

The unexpected loss of a manager or a sudden need for a skilled workforce can happen anytime. This is why people development is never completed.

Regardless of whether you need a CIO, a CTO, or a project manager, we support you anytime with efficient and professional interim management. We quickly create a task force that ensures operations continue and projects are completed successfully.

We flexibly take responsibility of any change due in your IT environment. Our support goes beyond consulting and includes operations as well as the implementation of individual project parts or sprints.

Our services include result-oriented senior consultants as well as partners with extensive experience in small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) as well as in large corporations.

If needed, the search for an interim manager is done quickly and easily. This is possible because we have extensive experience in Executive Search and a broad network.

Why an interim management?

  • Leadership: need for immediate, practicable, and result-oriented solutions for time-critical tasks
  • Flexibility: short-term need for specific skills and staff to bridge unexpected outages
  • Transformation: implementation of operative change
  • Innovation and development of new products and new markets